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House Washing Wellington

We use the best soft washing water blaster on the market to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned without compromising its paint or exterior cladding.

We are house washing experts in Wellington, who take the time to do a careful and complete job with a soft-wash service that is safe for pets and plants. We will help keep your home looking great for years to come.

A wash can spruce up your home like a new coat of paint

If you’re getting ready to sell or planning for a special at-home event, a wash will spruce up your home like you’ve just had a new coat of paint or stain.

We can also help when you are preparing your house for exterior painting with a wash that will create a great surface for your painters to start their sanding-down work.

The right equipment for every type of building exterior

We can wash any type of exterior, from weatherboard to brick or stucco and get rid of any mould, mildew and algae as well as dirt and grease.

We’ll also make sure all the details are covered including the outsides of gutters, spouting, downpipes, eaves, joinery and around entranceways.

Quick & Easy

Gentle detergent system

Environmentally-friendly chemicals

Pure water filtation system

A longer lasting clean

Truck-mounted water blaster

Safe for Everyone

Our house washing process



We spray our chemical detergent blend on all surfaces. This breaks down mould, mildew, lichen or dirty stains and completely removes them. It also slows their return or regrowth.


We use a pole brush on the more severe areas of dirt to make sure the detergent fully penetrates.




Windows and window sills are also pole-brushed – or you can add an extra finish for window washing with our pure water filtration option.


Finally, we rinse away the detergent using low pressure systems that won’t damage the building’s exterior.


house washing wellington<br />
house washing wellington<br />
house washing wellington<br />

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