Keep your gutters free of debris

Gutter Cleaning Wellington

Leading edge technology to clear your gutters safely and easily with no mess or expensive scaffolding.

Offering a reliable gutter cleaning service to help you keep your gutters free of debris. Our SkyVac system allows us to reach up to 10 meters high, and up to 3 stories in height – all from the ground and without the need for any ladders or platforms!

Prevent damage from clogged and overflowing gutters with professional gutter cleaning

Gutters that are blocked with leaves and moss increase the risk of rainwater overflowing onto the ground around your home, or worse, back inside through rafters and walls.

Cleaning your gutters can be a physical, time-consuming job so let the experts at Dentice Property Services take care of it, saving you the worry of any health and safety issues and saving you time.


Our unique use of a gutter cam ensures we can check our work to ensure your gutters are completely cleaned and cleared. Reducing any risk of debris build-up that can cause permanent damage to your property.

Skyvac Technology for a precision clean

 Skyvac is a powerful outdoor vacuum cleaner that leaves your gutters clean and unclogged. It is an extra-long gutter cleaner and the onboard camera ensures precision cleaning through your guttering and down pipes, even in tight spaces.

Reaches up to 10 metres

Is safe for you and our staff

Avoids damage to your gutters or roof

No mess, no expensive scaffolding, safe and easy

Combine gutter cleaning with other services for a whole house clean

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Make your home or commercial building look it’s very best for you and your family – or for pre-sale or a new paint job.