Keep your properties in pristine condition

Commercial Cleaning Wellington

Specialist commercial property exterior washing, to keep every part of your building exterior clean and tidy.

If you’re a commercial property manager for a retail site, school, apartment block or retirement village, our team has the skills and tools to do a great exterior clean and tidy up on and around your building.

Present a professional image

We can help you expertly tidy up your building frontage, entranceways and car parking areas and present your business at its very best.

We use cost-effective, leading-edge cleaning technology, including our Skyvac gutter cleaning system with safe soft-wash and water blasting options available.

We offer large-scale:

Commercial building washing and water blasting

Exterior cleaning services for moss, dirt and other stains on hard surfaces in or around carparks, entranceways and frontages

Specialised window cleaning with our pure water filtration system that will leave them sparkling and streak-free

Roof and gutter cleaning

Our team works across Wellington and the lower North Island.

A proven track record

Our specialist team has a proven track record in large-scale commercial cleaning projects and work with numerous retirement homes across the Lower North Island as well as large retail operators.

We can meet face-to-face and visit you on-site to discuss your needs and design a detailed plan of recommended maintenance actions that will cause the least disruption to your business.

We have packages to suit your regular maintenance needs.

Commercial packages

Our team can put together a package for you for regular commercial cleaning.

We understand the needs of commercial clients who need to meet the terms of building warranties and can guarantee our work will meet warranty standards.

We put safety for everyone first and have access when needed to a truck-mounted boom to carry out all the work safely.

We will:

Ensure a high finish and no risk of surface damage

Assess cladding systems and seek advice if appropriate

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Make your home or commercial building look it’s very best for you and your family – or for pre-sale or a new paint job.