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Deck Cleaning Wellington

A brand new deck without the price tag!

Be amazed at how your deck can look brand new!

Medium-pressure water blasting easily removes mould, mildew and dirt that have built up over time – restoring your deck’s wood to its natural beauty!

Our method doesn’t cause any surface damage while also being the best and safest choice for your plants and pets!
We rinse areas before and after cleaning to ensure no residue is left behind.

Keeping your decks safe, moss-free and looking great! 

Our effective but environmentally-kind water blasting technique won’t damage wooden surfaces and can be a great way to prepare decks and other wooden surfaces for staining or painting.
Our impressive water blasters will cut through the grime gently with long-lasting results giving your exterior floor surfaces a new lease of life.

We have a huge range of accessories to provide an excellent finish, enabling us to work quickly and efficiently.

Some of our deck cleaning examples from the Wellington area

deck cleaning wellington

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