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Driveway Cleaning & Patio
Care in Wellington

Fast, easy, safe and effective driveway cleaning

Restoring your driveways and patios to their original colours has never been so easy. With a wide range of water blasting accessories, we can reach those ‘impossible places’ without causing any damage to your surfaces or your plants.

Hard surfaces like concrete driveways, pathways, pool areas and brickwork around your home can quickly get dirty and dangerously slippery.

We make sure things are safe, secure and looking tidy outside with our specialised exterior driveway and patio cleaning services.

The Whirlaway

We use a specialist Whirlaway flat-surface cleaning machine on larger paths and driveways. This gets amazing results much faster and leaves surfaces completely line free. No hazardous materials or release toxic fumes into the air. We rinse entire areas before and after cleaning to ensure no residue is left behind.

Cleaning and maintaining your concrete surfaces can increase their longevity by regularly removing dirt, grime and algae buildup – your driveway’s imperfections won’t even have a chance to form!

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